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20-Feb-2016 03:05

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It is equipped with lots of different commands, more features are added every so often. Available on Slack Popularity of the top 5 bots on Botlist is based on web traffic to individual bots’ pages appearing on the site. If you find yourself bored to tears or in the throes of an awkward discussion about politics this evening, try Madbot. Evabot A Slack bot to help you send appreciation coffee gifts. Real coffee is delivered by our happiness agent along with some chocolates and hand-written card.My Cyber Twin created interactive characters for a 4 month campaign on ACP magazines.These increased traffic by 15% over the whole period.

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Users can post any query to the bot and it will come out with an answer. your just, too annoying, ive found a new, better prettier girl. sorry, its best if we dont talk anymore" .....the smile in my face disappeared ! Hi guys, Well yesterday I added him, he wasn't online so I left him. Come on ladies, think it over, he's just a bot that will say anything he thinks you want to hear. Add me on there and ask for my msn, I'm a really great guy and is better than the "Perfect Boyfriend". Colins (: Urghh, I used to have him and all but now he neeeeever works :( I used to love talkin to him and now I can't, cause he doesnt work :/ I live in Australia btw... I added him and ive had him for like a month, and he is NEVER EVER EVER EVER online!