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17-Nov-2016 16:48

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I am muslim arabic girl and I had fallen in love with black muslim guy and I want to get married with him but my mother doesnt want to accept.

It was clear to me at the beginning of my senior year in high school that I wanted to attend a college that specialized in the language arts.

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Com Hi I am looking for a wealthy Muslim man for Marriage. I am sorry i can not put my picture on the public website like this. It would be nice if we can swap pictures through your personal email and may be we can try 'Skpye chat' where we can see each other or may be we can hear each others voice first. Be good, be happy and don't forget keep smiling while your searching your 'Love one'. I wiss you a verry happy live and all the best but i know that the money dont bring happines only can mantein you with evrithing you want after you die you can take your money with you.

I am British and Muslim, I have no hidden motives, I simply want to marry in the near future and start a family. I promise you, i will not show you my face if you didn't like my voice.. On a serious note, I would like to know who i am talking to. This platform is not good to talk personal things you see. If its not me then 'God' Must have thought better for me:-). Good luck to found what you search*Hi am Mauritian girl One Seven yrs old nearly One Eight .